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    Terms and Conditions

    We encourage asking our customer care team or grooming team any questions that you might have about our policies and procedures so that you are 100% comfortable before accepting the terms.

    By making an appointment, you agree to policies & procedures set forth here-in and our matted procedure.

    You are responsible for all required pet vaccinations & you assume all risks & consequences that might result if your pet is not fully vaccinated.  We will never share, sell, or distribute your personal information to anyone.  Initial quotes are estimates only – fees may be adjusted at groom if inaccurate information was provided via the phone. Prices are subject to change.

    • Extra – Long nails cannot be shortened to your desired length without clipping into the quick.
    • There are extra charges if matting is significant ($5 – $30). If you or the groomer decides not to proceed with the groom, a $60 trip fee is required.
    • Groomer reserves right to decline grooms for large senior breeds that cannot stand or walk to the van on their own. A $60 trip fee is required.
    • If your pet has fleas, either a flea dip or a Capstar is required for an additional $15.
    • We are consistently on-time, but given the uncertainty of some pets/customers/Orlando traffic, please allow 30 minutes on either side of your appointment time for the arrival of our van.
    • Late Cancels or No Shows may be billed $60 at the discretion of management.
    • Rejected payments or failure to pay all $ due will result in additional fees & sent to collections.
    • We reserve the right to refuse service if your pet is aggressive or if you behave badly.
    • We are sorry but you cannot hang out in the van while the groomer is working.
    • Our groomers normally park in the street.  We are not responsible for damages if fluids drip onto your driveway.
    • Matted pets are in a health crisis. Please be sure to fully read our matted pet procedure.
    • If your groomer recommends a shavedown and you refuse, a trip fee of $60 is required.
    • All products used are strictly for pets, very gentle but not necessarily tearless.  Pets splash in the tub getting soap & water everywhere.  It is possible that your pet may have resulting eye irritations.  We can use vet grade eye lubricant to protect the eyes upon request.
    • We do not pay vet bills for eye irritations, skin rashes, or broken skin due to scratching, licking, chewing, or pets that shiver/hide.
    • We do not refund groom fees.  If you are not happy with your pet’s groom, please let us know within 48 hours & allow us to “make it right” in the future.  By proceeding you agree to this process of resolution.

    I have been given this information & understand that further clarification can be obtained by asking my groomer, calling dispatch at 407-502-4895 or logging on to www.petgroomingorlando.com.

    This all sounded very serious a formal. We love what we do and look forward to a healthy and positive relationship with you, your family and your pet(s).

    Thank you so much for trusting the Aussie Pet Mobile of Greater Orlando Team!

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