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Aussie Pet Mobile LogoShavedown Fact Sheet

AUSSIE PET MOBILE® would like to advise you of the possible reactions that many pets have after being shaved down due to severe matting.  Often, shaving is the only option to remove tight matting.  Most pets cannot stand still for the hours needed to pull the de-matting combs through the knots or to individually cut the knots out.

  1. Matting restricts blood flow to the skin. Once the matting is removed, blood rushes to the surface areas and causes the tiny blood vessels to burst under the skin causing a “streaking” effect which is often mistaken as razor irritation. This result cannot be avoided and will fade away.
  2. De-matting the ears will cause a similar reaction as (1) above but the vessels may actually burst through the tips of the ears and the ears may look like they’ve been cut. The tips of the ears will scab over, called Hemotoma. Your dog may shake his/her head for several days afterwards.  This should be discouraged.  Hemotoma is not groomer error, but another consequence of removing mats from the ear area.
  3. After your pet’s shavedown, he/she may feel ashamed and vulnerable. It’s important not to laugh at your pet or talk about his/her condition as your pet will interpret your tone as negative and may run and hide or otherwise not behave normally. Give your pet lots of positive re-assuring words and petting.  This should only last a few days.
  4. Your pet may also itch after a shavedown. If we have clipped your dog’s nails, discourage constant scratching as the rough edges of freshly clipped nails can further irritate the skin. Please consider nail grinding for an extra charge to smooth the nail so that particles are not scratched into your dog’s skin.  We are not responsible for vet bills from scratching irritations as it is impossible to predict which animal will have post-grooming itching.
  5. Your pet may be jittery after his/her shaving as he/she can now feel air around the body where before, he/she could not. This can make your pet jumpy and nervous for a few days.
  6. Shaving often exposes mat sores under the mats. Once the mat is removed, the mat sores will worsen as they are now getting the air and circulation needed to begin healing. Mat sores are not caused by cuts from the razor or groomer error.  They are caused by the skin of your pet not getting the air, blood flow, and stimulation needed to maintain optimal health.  If you feel your pet needs medical attention to aid in healing, then you should make those decisions accordingly.  However, AUSSIE PET MOBILE® is not responsible for your vet bills as we have simply exposed the mat sores, not caused them.
  7. Some pets may incessantly lick their mat sores once these sores are exposed. This should be discouraged as constant licking may further irritate the sore. Obtaining a cone may be necessary until the sores are well on their way to healing up.  We are not responsible for vet bills generated from licking as we have no way of predicting which pets will want to lick their mat sores. 8. Matting prevents us from giving your pet a proper breed clip.  It is healthier for your pet to have the mats removed.  Unfortunately, your pet will not look as you envisioned.  We understand and empathize with this.  Your pet’s hair will grow back and in the meantime, please commit to daily brushing of your pet so that he/she can have a proper breed style.

De-matting charges: $5 – $30 extra for a shavedown if matting is a 5+ on a scale of 1 to 10